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Real-life trial: effectiveness and safety of Dupilumab for the treatment of atopic dermatitis

Dupilumab ( Dupixent ) is the first biologic available to treat atopic dermatitis. Its effectiveness and safety were demonstrated in clinical trials.

The aim of study was to assess the effectiveness and safety of Dupilumab in adults with atopic dermatitis in a real-life French multicenter retrospective cohort.

Patients were included between March 2017 and April 2018.

Efficacy outcomes were collected both at baseline and three months ( M3 ), when available, including SCORAD ( Scoring Atopic Dermatitis ) and EASI ( Eczema Area and Severity Index ) scores.

Researchers have included 241 patients. The median follow-up time was 3.8±3.7 months.

SCORAD75 and EASI75 were achieved in 27/163 ( 16.6% ) and 40/82 ( 48.8% ) patients, respectively.

The median SCORAD and EASI at M3 were significantly lower compared with baseline ( 25±21 vs 56±27.4, p less than 10-9 and 4.1±6.8 vs 17.9±15.4, p less than 10-9, respectively ).

Conjunctivitis was reported in 84/241 ( 38.2% ) patients. The proportion of eosinophilia ( more than 500/mm3 ) during follow-up ( 57% ) was higher than at baseline ( 33.7% ) ( n=172, p less than 10-6 ).

Dupilumab was stopped in 42 cases, 27 of which were due to an adverse effects.

This real-life study has demonstrated results similar to clinical trials, with regard to Dupilumab effectiveness, but has revealed a higher frequency of conjunctivitis and eosinophilia. ( Xagena )

Faiz S et al, J Am Acad Dermatol. 2019; Epub ahead of print